Here’s to the mums: let’s be the village.

Here’s to the mums. 

We see you when you’ve been up all night, here to face the day.

When you juggle children on your lap and lead in gentle play.

Chasing that child to safety, fighting back the tears.

Breathing deep through long days yet reminisce the years.

We join you as you dance with joy and sing the lullabies.

We see you. We walk with you and cheer you as you rise.

Stand-in mums, please grab your cape: we want to see you fly.

Grandma, sister, neighbour: come along and reach the sky.

If you’re missing mum or aren’t in touch, we know your grief and pain.

Let’s do this and together: it takes a village to dance in the rain.

#Mother’s Day 2024. Let’s be the village.