Love music right from the start in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge

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Currently there are no classes in Tunbridge Wells. Do check out our nearest neighbours in Horsham and Dorking,

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There are no classes currently in the Tunbridge Area if you are interested in running Little Notes classes in this area then do get in touch with us at head office.

Benefits of music education

There are so many reasons for families to connect each week with a real musician playing real instruments.

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"It was fantastic to see and hear a range of real instruments being played and to move away from the same old tunes we hear everywhere.
Both my children were completely mesmerised."


Tunbridge Wells

"How bored I was with the plethora of baby groups which seemed to trudge endlessly through the obligatory nursery rhymes and actions!"



"My 16 month old son has been attending these well resourced and professionally run classes since he was 9 months old. I couldn't recommend it enough.
Give it a go!"


Tunbridge Wells

"Equally a physical class full of movement and a quiet class for developing your child's listening skills... a fun and educational atmosphere for young children."




Currently we do not have any classes running in the Tunbridge Wells area. Please use our 'find a class' function above to find your nearest class.