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Thousands of children across the UK have fallen in love with music at Little Notes. In weekly music sessions delivered by a professional musician, they have opened their eyes and ears to the joy of live music.

Blending awesome instruments, groovy new songs and superb classics, Little Notes sessions become 40 magical minutes in your busy week. Opening in a circle, full of similar-aged children, we sing, play, listen, explore and dance. With puppets, percussion and other stimuli, music is brought to life for your child. As we move through the topics and special pieces, you will experience a variety of musical styles, with your lead musician and their beautiful instruments at the heart of every class. With Little Notes, children love music right from the start.


Mark Bradbury

BMus (perf), LRAM.

When Little Notes first started, I was busy working for Glyndebourne Opera and freelancing as a professional Tenor, with some of the world’s finest conductors, theatre directors and choreographers. I began with a practical performer’s training at the Royal Academy of Music which ranged from ballet classes to Italian song. All of this experience has helped us to shape the Little Notes curriculum into something that has real artistic credibility.

I have drawn on my life as a professional singer to develop the vocal element of the Little Notes programme and my experience in working alongside the education departments of opera companies and orchestras has helped us to come up with a host of fun, creative sessions.

Being a dad to three wonderful girls has inspired me to help build Little Notes into an inclusive and welcoming artistic experience for all family members.

Louise Bradbury

BMus (perf), LRAM, ARAM.

I have worked as a professional recorder player since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in 1996. During this time I have also enjoyed teaching music at all levels, from nursery to music college.

My background as a professional instrumentalist has enabled us to design a curriculum with live music at the heart, as I am passionate about children experiencing the spontaneity and thrill of live music.

Equally, my teaching skills have enabled us to develop the Little Notes curriculum, which gently progresses through the many stages from birth to school.

Raising my three daughters whilst being a working mum has increased my heart for enabling families to really enjoy growing and learning together.

I am delighted to see so many families accessing excellent live music through our wonderful team of musicians.

We have discovered so many reasons for families to connect with a real musician playing real instruments.

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Where it all began

We launched Little Notes in West Sussex, back in 2005, having seen the impact that live music had on our own daughter. From the very early days, we were blown away by the way that she loved to hear us sing and play our instruments. A simple desire to see if other babies responded in the same way led to our first Little Notes class.

On a rainy day in April 2005, babies, toddlers, parents and grandparents flooded in to our first session. They were amazed at the difference that real musicians could make to the Early Years music experience.

Ten years on, we're delighted that other musicians want to share live music with families in their own communities. Our team of musicians is increasing and we're ready to train and equip even more.

Birth to school
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When can I start bringing my newborn baby to a Little Notes session?

We'd love to see you as soon as you're ready to leave the house. You'll be made very welcome and there will be a good place to feed and change your baby. Your baby may need to sleep occasionally: this is fine, a new song will be a surprise to wake up to! Just bring a mat or a blanket for your baby to lie on. Other than that, just come as you are.

How much do sessions cost?

Please click "Find a Class" to see pricing info on your local Little Notes page. If you are new to Little Notes you are welcome to contact us to arrange a free taster session before booking for the term, subject to availability.  However, we can only guarantee you will have a place for the term when you book in full.

I have two children of different ages. Can I bring them together?

Yes, please! Bring both your children along to a class for the eldest child. Their younger sibling will have a great time and receive a special discount. We offer free places for siblings aged under 6 months attending with their big brother or sister.

We're about to come along for our taster session. What do we need to know?

Don't worry about anything, just come as you are. Please try to ensure that your child won't be hungry during the class and is feeling comfortable. It's always a good idea to arrive 5 minutes or so before your class is scheduled to start and wait outside the room if there is another class going on. This gives children a chance to familiarise themselves with the building and perhaps get to know one or two others before the class begins.

When will my child move to an older class?

At Little Notes, we try to make life as straightforward as we can for busy families. So your child will usually stay in their allocated class until they go to school. We simply adapt the material to your child's growing needs. This means that you and your child can enjoy an established community within their class. We do sometimes have to swap classes around, but will give you as much notice as possible.

I would like to contact the Little Notes Head Office. How can I do this?

Please email us on contactheadoffice@littlenotes.co.uk or call 01403 597725.

There are a couple of classes that I'm unable to attend, what can I do?

If possible, we would love you to attend a session in your area on another day to make up the missed class. Or, you might like to gift the class to a friend, to attend in your place for the sessions that you can't make. Do chat to your class leader about this.

My older child has an INSET day, can I bring them along?

It's always lovely to welcome older siblings on INSET days. We do expect them to be on their best behaviour and to be aware that there are much younger children in the room. However, please don't bring any extra children along if they're off school due to illness.

My child is unwell but we're both really keen to get out of the house. Is it ok to come along?

We know that feeling! However, we do respectfully ask you not to attend Little Notes if your child is unwell. Please do adhere to the NHS advice "not to return your child to their school or childcare facility until at least 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting". If you do have to miss a class, you would be very welcome to try and arrange a make-up session in an alternative class in your area during the same term.

My child likes to be on the move. Will they distract others?

It is perfectly normal as toddlers begin to find their feet that they are constantly wanting to explore. Our classes grow with exploring babies and our classes are fast moving and active as children start getting to their feet. At the same time there are very focused moments and we ask that you help to engage your children in activities and listening by actively taking part yourself. It has a hugely positive effect on class dynamics when you do.

Where can I find see a copy of the Little Notes privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found in the lower section of our terms and conditions page. You can access this from the footer of any page on our website.