Culture is… a place for the heart and mind to grow

Culture is…

a place for the heart and the mind to grow.

At Little Notes, we are passionate about culture. We love to share music from throughout history, from around the world and to create new spontaneous sounds. As we share music with the youngest babies and the most fragile grandparent we create and rekindle a desire for culture in our lives.

It is been fascinating to explore what culture means to different people. We have taken part in the Culture is project ahead of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019. The Little Notes team are anticipating a wonderful, soul-drenching year! Please do whet your appetite by watching this movie (look out for the Little Notes musicians and families) and find out more about what’s in store at

If you want your children to be enveloped in the diverse culture that is alive in the world of music, why not discover more about the age ranges we work with and find a class for your baby or pre-school child to enjoy, or explore singing for yourself in a local choir such as our Big Notes choir in Horsham.