Marching into March

It’s been so much fun to march into March together at Little Notes. We love any excuse to move to music, whether spinning, jumping or dancing! When we march to music in class, we feel part of a group, moving together with the pulse of a tune. Moving together is great fun and helps us develop important motor skills, coordination and balance. We might choose to add streamers, so that we can see and feel the pulse too.

At other times, a march might develop spontaneously during a jam session. A child might initiate a pulse and our lead musician improvises a march on it, inviting everyone to join in with sound or movement. This becomes such a special and empowering moment for the whole class, but particularly for the initial child that started it all. He realises that he can create music and nothing is holding him back. Music to our ears!

Marching together brings a fabulous opportunity for us to explore a variety of tempi in our movement, as we move between fast and slow marches. We notice how tempi affects the way we move and also the type of sounds we make and hear. We’ve also enjoyed a lot of laughter as we’ve used our listening ears to march and stop as soon as we hear the music stop. The silence is pure gold!

As always, we hope that our Little Notes families will take these games and activities home. Perhaps March will be their month for marching to the park at different speeds or marching around at home with a homemade trumpet and drum. We are proud of our Little Notes musicians and the many ways that they enjoy music in their lives.