A huge thanks to Anita Momot, a photographer with real passion.


It was a while ago that one of the lovely mums in my daughter’s Little Notes class mentioned that she really loved to take photos and was inspired to capture some of the magical moments of our sessions. Anita has a very natural, beautiful way of being a mummy and we know that music plays a huge role in her family life. As we got to know Anita Momot, we realised that her heart was so similar to ours. She describes the moment of deciding to become a professional photographer of families as this deep, deep feeling that I want to save the best moments with their babies.

It was a thrill to work with Anita, as she visited classes with different leaders and showed us how Little Notes looks behind her lens. Many of the photos on our site have been taken by Anita and we love the way so many of them tell of the intimate relationship between a child and the music they love. Anita writes: Working with Little Notes was very inspiring for me. I  was truly amazed by the way you all lead every session. Teachers are full of passion and energy, capable to drive and catch the concentration of every child. All the children just adore them. Each time I could experience something special and very unique. There was always lots of love, laughter and fun between child and parent. As a parent myself I do understand that these moments are very precious in our busy life. It was a privilege to be able to capture true excitement and the huge amount of fun that whole families experience during classes. 

We do hope you enjoy seeing many of her photos on our website. Do let us know which is your favourite. We find it very hard to choose. You’ve probably picked up that we had a great time working with Anita and so would totally recommend her to you if you’re looking for someone lovely, smiley and gifted to capture those precious moments in your family.

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