We believe that newborn babies deserve the very best

We believe that newborn babies deserve the very best music to herald their start of life. In a world full of words, ringtones and radios, it is a treat for a baby’s ears to enjoy beautiful music, hand-crafted especially for them. Little Notes baby classes are full of magical melodies played spontaneously, by skilled musicians, to suit the mood of the babies in the room on that particular day.

A baby loves to hear the voice of someone they love and so we make sure that Little Notes families are equipped with a repertoire of songs for every occasion. But, most of all, with lullabies to help bring on that all-important sleep.These lullabies can become a precious part of baby’s routine, often staying with them throughout their childhood, enabling them to relax and prepare for a good rest.

So many families tell us that they have built a favourite lullaby into their child’s routine. The lullaby is sung as baby is put down for a sleep and, after a while, becomes a trigger for establishing rest. If only these lullabies came with a guarantee! Do let us know your baby’s favourite. Use our social media links at the bottom of the page, or find a class to be able to connect with your local Facebook page.