New website design and branding: Look around, what can you see?

We are delighted to welcome you to our new website design and branding.

As we sing at the beginning of every Little Notes class, “Look around, what can you see?”. When you do, you’ll discover more of the Little Notes love and the fun that we have making music right from the start of life.

Our website design shopping list was as long as our piano-playing arms, with hopes for something beautiful and useful, maybe with a blog and perhaps a little “site-of-their-own” for each area. And it would be so very nice to have an integrated on-line booking system too! Not to mention a major re-brand? Confederation Studio’s alchemy had caught our attention through their transforming work with our Harrow venue, St Peter’s Church. It was wonderful to discover that their founder/director, Nahim Afzal, had experienced Little Notes with his own family and knew of the joy that we wanted to express through an upgraded website.

Confederation Studio have waved their design magic into this beautiful website design and across everything that is Little Notes with the re-branding. They have listened to our story and expressed it in a way that is beyond any of our extreme expectations. They have enabled us to dream deeper and to celebrate the joy of making music with the very young and those that love them. We adore every single one of these quirky little characters that you’ll see across the website design. They have re-established the instruments as the heroes for Little Notes families: as friends that are waiting to be made. It is with huge excitement that we launch this new website and the new branding today. And with a very big shout out to the awesome, fun and incredibly brilliant team at Confederation Studio: thank you.