Culture is for the unborn baby: Why music matters for bumps

The Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 is underway in our hometown and the question on everyone’s lips is “what is culture?”. Little Notes will be delivering pop-up “lullaby lounge”  antenatal sessions for pregnant families and we’re excited about sharing lullabies and live music with them. We’ll also be exploring the calming effects of live music during pregnancy. We’re fully aware of the importance of integrating culture into family life, but what is culture for the unborn baby?

Culture is a new experience: enjoying something beautiful that has been prepared for you. Culture is being reminded of places you’ve visited before. Studies have shown that babies who had particular pieces of music played to them in the womb were then able to respond to those same pieces up to 12 months (or more) after birth. Playing familiar music after birth might help calm a restless child who recognises the tune, because it reminds them of hearing the music in the womb. It’s incredible to realise that even before a baby is born, he can enjoy a cultural existence.

Culture is a means of building a sense of identity and community: shared experiences with those you love. One of the best ways to develop a sense of community is through shared songs: we see this with so many groups of people from football fans to teenage pop fans to boy scouts! Songs are a wonderful way for families to build identity too and lullabies are a wonderful way to start. Studies have shown that, from approximately 23 weeks gestation, baby is able to listen and memorise words, songs and sounds. So, if a baby is sung to during pregnancy, they will recognise those songs after birth helping to create a soothed and calm baby.

Culture grabs our attention: it fascinates us. During pregnancy, sound is the most complex stimulus a baby can experience and they are able to respond to sound, including music, from 26 weeks. Their heartbeat and, later on, movements actually respond to the music they’re hearing!

Culture really is for the unborn baby.

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